Outdoor Adventure Expo

Talleyrand Park, 222 West High St., Bellefonte, PA. 16823

The Outdoor Adventure Expo highlights Bellefonte’s beautiful and easily accessible natural assets, while showcasing regional vendors, nonprofits and businesses that specialize in outdoors and recreation-related products. This is a free-admission, regional event to promote nature-based tourism and commerce, with the added benefit of promoting health benefits of getting outside. This event also serves as a fundraiser for Downtown Bellefonte, Inc. to aid in its economic development initiatives.

The event will be held on Sunday, October 3, 2021 from 12 pm to 5 pm in Talleyrand Park and Bellefonte Waterfront walk. Mama Corn plays at 1:30.

Learn more about attending the event or sign up to become a vendor here: downtownbellefonteinc.com/events/outdoor-adventure-expo